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#125999 Posted at 2012-07-17 13:59        
Things are definitely on-track. Today, I added an optional objective to take out an Al-Qaeda HVT who travels around the AO-- you have about an hour and a half to find and kill him before he heads south and the CIA takes care of it. The CIA coordinator, Gary (a reference to the author of Jawbreaker, one of my research sources) gives you periodic updates of the HVT's reported position.

Here's a preview of the loading screen, which shows AFO Viper, your 4-man recon team from Task Force 11 (TF11)
From L-R: Kraken, Puma, Hooch (you), Widow.

Only a few things left to do, another round or two of testing and then I'll submit to Armaholic and link here.