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#126270 Posted at 2012-07-24 04:00        
I thought I found the problem, in the init.sqf you opened a bracket at

[] spawn {
  waitUntil {!(isnil "BIS_fnc_init")};

Which wasn't closed at the end. But even with that fixed it crashes after a little while.

Then I tried it with the init.sqf disabled, same result.

Only running ACE2 here, no SLX or other fancy stuff.

Have you tried it without ACE2 yet?

Maybe, but only maybe, I have something.

There were two triggers in the mission with the condition set to "this " - with a blank space at the end. After fixing that I was able to play for 10 mins without crash - with still deactivated init.sqf
After enabling the init.sqf, it again crashed after a few minutes. :-(

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