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A mission that will hopefully become large.
The basic outlines is that because of the political unrest in lingor the USMC have been called in by the Lingor president. You are the leader if the first rifle squad to arrive there.

Features rigth now
-Ambient vehicles (stationary)
-A base that is in my opininon pretty well done (WIP)

Planned Features
-Random attacks (haven´t gotten them to work......yet)
-Civilian traffic (don´t if i´ll do it myself or use a ready made scrtipt/module from JTD (i think))
-Military Patrols
-Nasty Suprises

I do not want to release this to the public in this state so if you are interested in helping then leave a comment and the means to contact you

-Tester (gameplay)
-Tester that is unpredictable (to see that there is not just one way to go)
-Someone that can make objectives (scripting part)
-Advisor on how to populate the land (Bases, FOB:s, Gatherings you name it)
-And then of course the last artistic side: Writing the lines that the soldiers would use when they talk (no voice acting planned)
-Someone to help script the talk

-Arma 2 (most likely OA too) at latest version
-Island Lingor (
-Lingor Units (
-Patience with someone that doesn´t learn that quickly with the editor

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