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#126726 Posted at 2012-07-31 14:55        
Good Day.

Just grabbed my copy of the ACR DLC which was just released. Units, maps and Weapons look excellent so far.

Now, on the screens on the WIP/Advertisment pages you can find all over the Web, i've seens some stuff i just cannot find ingame. Perhaps some of you guys already found it, or can tell me some further details.

A: Dog Handling. It could be just a dream of mine, but i've seen terribly many screenshots with Dogs accompaning soldiers.
Is this a marketing Hoax, or is any possibility given ingame to ad Dogs to Squads now? Cause they dont look like they are meant to be wild dogs only.

B: Those Special Force Guys: *Link* - under ACR/Men(Special Forces) i can find some ordinarily Dressed Soldiers with helmets, but did anyone already fiund those Guys? (They remind me of the Czech edition of Navy Seals somehow^^)

C: Last but not Least, the flooded village.[/url] Where is it, and on which map? Would be great if someone found it and could provide a Grid Reference. Cause i cannot find it, i already spent two hours with flying over the new Map(s) with my ALCA, couldn't find any sign of flooded villages.

Edited: Found out the flooded village is in Elektrozavodsk, Grid is 104024. SO now i'm just wondering how to get the place underwater.

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