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#127420 Posted at 2012-08-12 02:31        
# Pirin : Yup, sounds like you're good. Make sure to get the latest patch from to bring yourself up to 1.62. Then add on the ACR Lite DLC unless you're a wise person and are buying it instead. :) All the other DLC is included in low rez texture format without the scenarios via patches.
Exactly, and notice that you also get, by installing the patches, British Armed Forces Lite (BAF) and Private Military Company Lite (PMC) which are the other DLCs also available to buy if you want them with high res textures.

The benefits... well, this is something personal I think. For me, it's the benefit of having all types of units and vehicles and objects and everything of both games available in the editor. Also there is the camera shaking when you shoot, which better simulates the recoil of the weapon. This is introduced with Arrowhead and it's good to have it also with ArmA II standalone units and weapons. There are as well other things. Play the game and discover them.