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#129484 Posted at 2012-09-14 15:04        
Hi, I've got the full Arma 2 Series, and now that they've made a patch for TOH that is also interesting me, but I need some questions about the two games.

When I merge arma 2 into TOH will this give me the ability to make missions as I would on Arma 2, battles etc, and keep the TOH flight controls?

Are the TOH flight controls different from Arma 2, can you click buttons on the cockpit

What happens to my mods for arma 2, do they become incompatible if i merge TOH

Added 4 minutes later:

Edit: when I say arma 2, I mean the full series, OA, Combined ops, BAF,PMC,and ACR

- The website says TOH is 19.99 is that the offer at the moment it doesn't say