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# jerryhopper : is there any czech that can make a decent translation out of these articles?
google creates quite a strange translation.

Interview with parents :

It was a shock. We learned about their arrest from the media, told during an interview the mothers of the two arrested Czechs in Greece, Iveta Pezlarová and Hana Buchtová. Martin Pezlar (28) and Ivan Buchta (33) are currently held under arrest on the island of Lesbos because according to the police they ignored the law and photographed military objects. Why did your sons go to Lemnos, where the game they were developing takes place on?
Iveta Pezlarová: They bought the trip, when they were leaving they waved us and we thought we'd be welcoming them back ten days later. They really went there on vacation. It's pure nonsense that they went there to photograph some objects. The game was already finished at that point. They went there to rest and relax. And then came the shock... How did you learn about the arrest of your sons?
Iventa Pezlarová: My son's girlfriend contacted me that for some time she has hasn't heard from Martin and that she saw a report about two Czechs being arrested in Greece on the TV. So we began investigating, we called the embassy where they told us the two arrested were really them - Martin and Ivan. It was a shock, you don't believe it and ask yourself how anything like that could happen. A spy in Greece in the 21st century? You don't understand it, you can't imagine how that could happen.
Hana Buchtová: Absurd, totally absurd situation. Your families live in Ústi nad Labem. Do you help each other? How do other relatives handle the situation?
Hana Buchtová: We are surviving. The sadness really gets to you but you have to get back up on your feet, a breakdown doesn't help anybody. My son Ivan has a little girl, another child is on the way. We believe it will turn out alright in the end, we're doing everything we can to ensure that.
Iveta Pezlarová: My son has a girlfriend and no children yet. The emotions in you are really running high. One moment you are crying, then you get it together for a while and then you start crying again upon seeing his shirt in the laundry or the empty chair at the table. Instead of four there are only three of us now. You cry and cry and then you say enough! They will be back with us in a week, surely it can't go any other way... Do you have any way to contact your sons? Do they complain about the Greece jail?
Hana Buchtová: They can call us on the land line. We don't know why, from where, when, nothing. But they do call. They say a few things and that's it.
Iveta Pezlarová: Every time he calls it's just about hearing each other, we give each other the energy to carry on, he doesn't say anything concrete. The first time he called I was so surprised to hear him. Do you want something? Do you need anything? He always says "no". "Mom, don't worry about us, we don't need anything. Say hi to Jana (his girlfriend) and the rest of the family. I have to go, I don't know how much credit I have left." But he's my son, he knows I suffer because of him. He doesn't tell me anything because he knows I'd start crying. He's brave. We have other around us all the time, they don't. They're all alone there. Did you talk with your families where you'd get the money for a bail from? If the appeal was accepted, the defence could present further evidence of their innocence and they could be released on bail.
Iveta Pezlarová: No, we didn't talk about that at all. We don't want to get ahead of things and we don't know anything further. On top of that the Greek are on strike now so all we can do is wait until the things start moving again and we get new information. Once such situation happens we're going to be dealing with it, immediately. You want them back home and you're willing to do anything. There's no other way. Did you consider that you or somebody from the family could go to Greece personally?
Hana Buchtová: Of course. Once one of our lawyers tells us it's the right time one of will surely go there. What did you have to organize?
Iveta Pezlarová: Everything was taken care of by the consul. We didn't need to do anything, everything has been organized. Do you know that people began signing a petition and that sites on the Internet have been established to support your sons charged with espionage?
Iveta Pezlarová: Yes, and we're immensely grateful. And that people that write there aren't only those that know us personally but also those who want to help us and the situation interests them. They are people from the Czech Republic, even Slovakia and we thank them greatly for it. That they take the time to do this during their busy schedule is unbelievable.
Hana Buchtová: Thanks to the support of the people we know that on one believes that they're guilty of espionage and that they believe them and are on our side. Thanks to the support of the minster [of foreign affairs] Schwarzenberg we know that everybody is doing all they can and they are that they trying to help our sons.

Added 49 minutes later:

# jerryhopper : is there any czech that can make a decent translation out of these articles?
google creates quite a strange translation.

some reflection of the foreign minister :

Two Czechs arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos might receive support from the government. Minister of foreign affairs Karel Schwarzenberg does not rule out speaking about the cause with his Greek counterpart.

It has been longer than a week since two young Czechs Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar were arrested and since held in a Greek jail. They got into trouble when they shot a video in which they captured a military base on Lemnos. The Greek prosecution has charged the two with espionage because of filming a restricted object.

Investigation of the incident could take months. According to their lawyer Panajotis Eleftheri the two are guilty of nothing other than a tourist imprudence. "They videotaped the object from a moving car and at first they did not notice the sign that prohibited photography of the area. I definitely wasn't espionage." told LN (Lidové noviny; a newspaper) Mr. Eleftheri.

The Czech ministry of foreign affairs took interest in the case. "We are working on it already, I'm informed periodically about the developments. If necessary, I will talk to my Greek counterpart," told minister Karl Schwarzenberg

The arrested's families are worried about them. They say the two men have left for vacation at the beginning of September on a normal trip with a travel agency. They chose the island of Lemnos as they holiday destination because they spent the past months developing the game ArmA 3 which uses the island as a base for its environment. The fact that they haven't returned from their vacation is weights heavily on their relatives.

"According to the partial information the family has at its disposal both should be alright. However the parents aren't sure, they might not be told the whole truth as to not upset them and the reality might be different." told Dagmar Raupachová who assists the relatives with legal matters in the Czech Republic. "As a lawyer I can tell you that the conditions are tough. The uncertainty that comes from such situation is great. The imagination of how far this all could go is far reaching," she added.

The situation of the arrested has been significantly complicated by the strike of judges and judicial personnel. The strike will last at minimum five days but could stretch up to a month. The appeal that the lawyer of the two has put in has been put on hold indefinitely.

The gaming community stands behind the Czech developers. Websites have been established to support them ( where a petiton for their release is being signed by people from all over the world. His own campaign to release the men has been set up by New Zealander Dean "Rocket" Hall, who is behind the game DayZ ( At the same time a Czech version of the petition has been established. The calls for their release are spreading across social networks.

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