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#130619 Posted at 2012-10-01 16:15        
# NoQuarter : Congrats on the new site, checking it out now.
Like the color scheme, font type and size of all pages.
Really like the layout of the Download Page(s).

Thank you for the positive feedback, I am smiling from ear to ear as overall people like what was made. It was a lot of work (a few hundred hours total, also cause I am no pro with coding) but well worth it.

Other than not noticing a change of themes when selected (from Profile Page), haven't noticed anything already noted.

Only one theme allowed, the current one. The others are only still there for my final fixes, those were the default skins which come with the CSS and whcich can be used as a benchmark, to see if you have all tags etc in order.

Seriously, I don't know where you guys find the time.

Officially not having a job anymore due to bankers and other greedy people needing a lot of bonusses to keep their wifes happy is generally a good way of having more than enough time :-)

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