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#131524 Posted at 2012-10-18 21:00        
Wow! Talking about nice stuff! :P this is our F16 (Project IDF team's reskin of the GLT F16C model- I made it myself), its so nice so see it used by someone other than us :)

Your map seems really nice,we will be very glad to use it. although, as strangerinthenight said you might wanna contact LOBO aswell.

At the moment, PIDF was not officially released on armaholic, the reason is we dont have enough new models and content for it to be called a proper IDF mod.(we do have infantry, and skinned aircrafts and vehicles, that look very good. That's still not enough because we are missing tanks and more weapons). PIDF is played by the official Israeli clan of Arma 2, called Israeli Tactical Gaming.