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#131630 Posted at 2012-10-21 23:54        
Ok so I have a helicopter flying over a forest when out of nowhere a missle strikes it. Sometimes causing enough damage to bring it down, Other times its almost like the missle tickled it. So I want to set up a trigger that checks to see if the Helicopter took any damage. So when the trigger see's there has been damage it causes enough damage to the chopper to crash it and kills the pilot. Also is there a way to set up a trigger that checks the distance between the chopper and the ground? So I can force eject the players and AI out before it hits with enough timee to deploy their chute.

Added 15 minutes later:

This is the trigger that will damage the chopper further, truely making it crash "CH setHit ["mala vrtule", 1];CH setdamage .7; Pilot001 setdamage 1;" And then if I can get help on the distance to ground thing this force ejects the people out of the chopper "Player001 action["eject", CH] ; CmdOfficer action["eject", CH]"

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