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#131677 Posted at 2012-10-22 17:54        
How did you install Arma 2 on the dedicated server? Did you use Steam for this as well? Are you running the Beta version on the server by chance? Do you have BattlEye enabled on the server?

So when you said your buddies can't get into your COOP games do you mean ones that you have hosted on your PC or ones running on your dedi? And just to confirm.. you connect to your dedi and you get a 2500 ping in-game?

(sorry for the 500

Also I would double check you have the correct ports forwarded.. 2302, 2303, 2305

port UDP (used for game)
port+1 UDP (used for server reporting)
port+3 UDP (used for VoN transmissions)

port UDP (used for game)
port+3 UDP (used for VoN transmissions)

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