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The border itself is well over 200km long, so not really appropriate for an Arma map. Even just the part past Kerem Shalom is ~12-13km.

Google earth seems to have pretty good detail of the area. Not much in terms of actual building structure, but you can definitely see where buildings are placed quite clearly.

A much bigger problem than the trees I think will be the buildings. There are many buildings (in some areas the majority of them) with 3+ floors in Rafah/Gaza. Not to mention Israeli buildings are often quite bigger than standard Arma/Arma2/OA buildings as well.

As for terrain elevation, at least most of Rafah/Gaza is pretty flat in terms of elevation - Kerem Shalom is only ~100m above sea level. While the following website is a bit difficult to use and read, it can give you a good idea about the elevations: However, keep in mind that there are alot of terrain features there that would only be visible with micro-terrain technology, which is one of the main things that made that area so dangerous, as a terrorist could easily sneak up on you by using those terrain features to his advantage, and even the 25m-tall towers were not always able to spot them in time.

For any map, searching for Kerem Shalom (כרם שלום in hebrew, you can just copy paste it to the search box) will get you to the general area I think you are trying to create.

Photos are hard to find, and especially hard to connect with the geographical location, but this is what I could find so far:

This is from 2005 or so, when the famous wall was still under construction.
Another one of the same location:
Google earth area:,34.234511&daddr=Kerem+Shalom,+Israel&hl=en&sll=31.292487,34.243934&sspn=0.015604,0.024247&geocode=%3BCeo59JbftLRVFXmB3AEdDyQLAilhsQ2yKZP9FDFEo-k8AA5s5g&t=h&doflg=ptk&mra=mift&mrsp=0&sz=16&z=16
Photo was taken from the 'A' marker looking towards the SSE.

The red-ish metal wall you see in the distance in the above photo can be seen more closely here (though older, from May 2004):

It's hard to tell exactly where that part is on the map and I don't really remember, though you can get an idea based on the first photo. In fact, I don't even know how much of the wall is still standing. I know for sure that at least parts of it were destroyed quickly after Israel abandoned the area in 2005. The tower/outpost itself which you can see on the wall I think was also disassembled completely and evacuated before the IDF left the area.

This one is more to the south - I'm pretty sure it was taken from the outpost right next (north side) of Rafah border cross, looking towards the NNW.
Google earth area:,34.257923&daddr=Kerem+Shalom,+Israel&hl=en&ll=31.255606,34.257882&spn=0.01561,0.024247&sll=31.249654,34.261154&sspn=0.007806,0.012124&geocode=%3BFXmB3AEdDyQLAilhsQ2yKZP9FDFEo-k8AA5s5g&t=h&mra=mift&mrsp=0&sz=17&z=16
Note that on google earth you will see absolutely nothing there, and it's no mistake - The outpost has been completely evacuated in 2005 when the IDF left the area, which includes even the concrete fortifications you see at the lower part of the photo.

Some more photos which I obviously won't be able to locate for you:

Bird view photos of Kerem Shalom:

I'll post more stuff if I can find any on the web.

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