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#133924 Posted at 2012-12-16 16:08        
"The border itself is well over 200km long, so not really appropriate for an Arma map. Even just the part past Kerem Shalom is ~12-13km."

Yeah, this would be way to big to do Which is why I could only do a 20km X 20km portion. But in the future, i plan on making a map of the Eliat Area Israel/Saudi/Egypt so we would have a southwest border and a Southeast border in our tool bag. But a definate NOOOO! on making an entire southern border map. its mainly desert anyway and the default arma desert map can be used for this.

Thanks for the help, i really appreciate it.

Added 38 minutes later:

Also at the moment Phaeden (maker of MCAGCC 29 palms map)is working on creating those white "greenhouses" that I see so much of in Gaza. will be a nice touch. As for Buildings, I am limited, But there is more than enough options out there "third party" We will have to make due. The Rolling hills will be an issue as far as being close to the actual thing as is in this pic , the Map is mostly flat but I have been tinkering with the contours of the terrain to get some dunes and hills added in. It might not be as real as is in this photo but it will be ok for ArmA 2.

Added 8 hours 54 minutes later:

So, Is there only one stretch of wall all the way along the border or two walls running parallel?

Added 2 hours 6 minutes later:

Sand Dunes and vegetation coming along(not finished) I am now working on the Partition Wall along the Gaza/Egypt border(Philadelphi corridor).

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