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#133962 Posted at 2012-12-17 14:41        
I have been thinking of the tunnels over the past few days and I would love to have them in the map. Only problem is...This is ArmA lol. Its not very "underground" and Tunnel Friendly". Very hard to do. Visitor will only allow you to do so much.

Added 1 minute later:

# golani_2 : Are we talking Israel/Gaza or Israel/Egypt?

In any case, "the wall" is usually not a wall at all, but a fence.

Both. I see in the photos that the Concrete T-Wall fence is there but from what I can see it is a single stretch of fenceline and in some parts there are two sets of fence line running parallel. I do understand that in some places its a concrete T-wall and in other places its either a metal fence or a wirefence.

In the pics above...this is of the Northern Border with Egypt/Gaza. Almost to the coast.

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