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#133971 Posted at 2012-12-17 16:46        
# Brainbug : Yes, you can't make holes into the map surface. That's why I said, try to make the tunnel as a big object and place it onto the map like a building. The map only has to have a trench with steep sides, and the object has to have a desert ground texture and maybe a few rocks, brushes etc. on top. Then it will look like the tunnel is underground. Here, I made a sketch, I hope you understand what I mean:

nice sketch! I will think about it. I still have much to do. Doing this will cause me to have to backtrack and rework some things but this would be great to have. I will try to put something together in Visitor3 to test it out.

Please do not quote images! Quoted image removed.

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Please do not quote images! Quoted image removed.

sry forgot about that.

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So Was the Wall Destroyed in certain spots along the Egypt Gaza Border?? if so I will add some missing and destroyed sections of the wall with rubble, trash etc. If you all have any ideas or current photos of the area let me know.

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