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Tunnels are very tricky indeed. Especially when they need to be very deep and invisible from the top. I'm not sure if it's worth focusing on it too much. It's not like any combatant would go into those tunnels - They're dangerous, especially when you think you might have to fire your weapon or throw a grenade and collapse the whole thing and bury yourself alive! Many have died from tunnel collapses while they were digging them...

The wall itself was broke down in some spots I'm sure, though when I referred to some things as "gone" I meant that they were evacuated completely (as in, loaded with a crane onto a truck to be re-used or recycled), and wasn't referring to wall parts. Some of those were a part of the wall (ex: a pillbox filling in a wall section), but most were just parts of the outposts in the area. In any case, shortly after the evacuation there were photos in the news of people taking down some parts of the wall, but I couldn't find them. Maybe if you dig through articles from the appropriate dates. It's very hard to tell for sure from google earth, but I think it's a pretty good guess that if you don't see the wall on google earth it's probably not there, since there are parts where you can see it.

The large concrete wall is just 1 long wall. Only a small part of it is metal (you can see it in the photos) which was built long before the concrete wall, and actually goes a few meters underground in a failed attempt to stop tunnels. The reason it might look like 2 wall sections is because of the turn the border takes here (check out my google map links for more accurate details of where the photos were taken):

Closer to the egyptian side, there are also sections of fence, barred wires and whatnot. Apparently nothing that can really stop a determined terrorist. When you know that you might get shot any seconds you're not really scared of some barred wire cuts I guess :)

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