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If you have any other ideas to make this blend in better or using other objects let me know.
I'm afraid you can't do it without making your own object, and you have to think bigger. Check this out:
As you see, the tunnel diameter would have to be larger so that you can at least crouch through it (in reality, people seem to be able to walk upright in some, but crouching will do fine for game purposes I think). The inside of tunnels can be a rough concrete texture, no need of elaborate wooden support beams etc. In Gaza it seems to be easier to obtain and handle cement than wood.

I would try to make a piece of desert (as a newly crafted object) and put it on top of it. With the rolling dunes, you should be able to cover the edges between map-desert and object-desert quite well (maybe with a few rocks and brushes). But keep in mind that the tunnel should not be apparent to a human player if he is standing on it, driving over it or flying over in a helicopter. Entrances can be plain holes with a ladder down, then you can place a greenhouse or a shed or whatnot over the hole.

The fence/wall should go over it (after all it is quite pointless to dig a tunnel if you can just walk over there). And the tunnel must be considerably longer, so that you can enter and leave it without being seen by the guards. E.g. escape tunnels in Berlin during the Berlin Wall era had to start and end in the basements of houses, so distance was roughly around 50-100 meters, the longest was 145 meters. Gaza tunnels have to be way longer since the density of possible cover objects is lower and the border strip is wider. I'd say at least around 200 meters, and up to 800 meters (in reality, scale this down to your map size).

The problem of being a death trap where you can shoot through from one end to the other is usually countered by zig-zaging the tunnel. Every 10-20 meters or so it takes a turn of maybe 20 degrees, so that you can never see and shoot further than the next corner. A tunnel like that is still dangerous, but people are desperate, the surface is even more dangerous.

I would make two objects that you can puzzle together. One straight 10 or 20 meter long piece with open ends, and one entrance piece with a hole and ladder (a distance of 5 meters between desert surface and bottom of the tunnel would seem appropriate). Then you can puzzle together any tunnel you like by overlapping the adjacent parts, similar to plumbing pipes. I made another sketch (the "snake thing" being a bird's eye view of a complete tunnel):

Maybe it is better to keep the blue part and the fake desert cover object separate for better adjustment options.

Also the tunnel should be destructible, i.e. a big bomb or a few satchels should make it impassable respectivly open it to the surface. i.e. if you have managed to make a good tunnel, try to do a fitting damage model.

I'm so sorry I can't help you in any way. I've often considered starting to learn all this Buldozer and Visitor stuff, but never got around to it. But it might be really worthwhile to develop this tunnel properly. A lot of map scenarios could profit from it, think of tunnels in Afghanistan or Vietnam.

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