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#134017 Posted at 2012-12-19 05:16        
Yeah, Im not able to do this atm. (IF ONLY THIS WERE MINECRAFT! LOL) Modeling new objects is greek to me. I will focus on this later down the road but not right now since there is so much more to be done. Great idea though and very possible( but difficult ) to do. I will definitely keep this in mind.

One problem i see with this is road networks would be difficult to place over this object. The texture of the roadway will distort or not show at all. Not to mention walking/driving on the object might be buggy at some point. Ex: falling through, getting stuck etc.

***More photos of the border*** To assist in saving space on this website, I have provided my photobucket album link. I will post only one or two pics on this forum when a major update is complete, you can view more pics by visiting the link below. Thank you

photobucket album

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