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#135035 Posted at 2013-01-10 04:58        
Oh well, i have had a lot of problems with the teamspeak and ACRE mods, first , are you using the correct version of teamspeak supported by the ACRE mod? Second , when you tap the reload all button on teamspeak, does the mod name appear in red, and arma 2 says "teamspeak thingy not connected, it means that arma cannot detect correctly the plugin for teamspeak, this may be as previously said, by lack of admin permission for the program to access teamspeaks files, or vice versa and teamspeak and the plugin are not set up properly. Hope this helps!
edit about the failed to query number of channels , maybe try to connect first to the teamspeak server you play on example: thewreckingcrew.teamspeak or whatever yours is, amd ten try to reload the plugins maybe this way there is no error?

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