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#135381 Posted at 2013-01-17 19:11        
This is a fantastic weapons pack, only just started to use these really as of my interest in UKSF. Some really nice details on them, love the armoury number one a couple of them. Plus the weathered look on the 10" SD. The 10" variant could do with the bayonet lug removing though.. :)

I was wondering if there was a fix in mind for these as there are quite a few of the versions not shooting correctly.
Have noticed they are shooting way higher than the centre on the ACOG Variants and Holosights/SD (This is applicable on both 10" and 16") combinations which is a real shame as these are amazing and my favourite rifles to use in game. Favoured is the 10" ACOG SD as these are in use by the SBS/SAS in ganners at the moment.