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#137269 Posted at 2013-02-22 05:56        
Hey Yogdogz: a great campaign enjoyed playing it sofar, but I noticed by the mission to get food on the second area I always get killed and don't know who does it.I have tried different approches after I left the church with the first bag of food but no matter wich way I drive someone shoots me. never mind the radiation sickness hat some suggest it would only complicate things more the campaign is super the way it is, but can you give me a hint how I can finish that mission and get all three bags??? have done the mission needed a different strategy.

Added 5 hours 18 minutes later:

Hi Yogdogz: I just finished the campaign successfully, but the end by the harbour was a bit sad. did koslovsky die in the nuk blast or did he survive the 6 marines died for sure mate a bloody good campaign was a pleasure playing it but there should be 22 missions I had only 16 was it perhaps of the choice I made??? I choose plane B.

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