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Addon Name: Real Survive Pack
Version: 1.0
By: Tong
Contact: BI Forums

asp.pbo = Realistic survival kit

Info on Addon:
I decided to make this little addon to make the game play more realistic, and also work a realistic logistics.

Known Bugs and issues:
shouldnt be any


Simply extract the .pbo you want into your Arma\Addons or other mod folder.

or use the mod folders method

Weapons class
ItemKabarKnife -> USMC Knife
ItemKnifeCiv01 -> Civilian Knife
ItemKnifeCiv02 -> Civilian Knife
ItemAxe -> Ax used for chopping wood and making fire
ItemCanteen -> Canteen
ItemCanteenEmpty -> Can be refilled with water

Magazines class:
ItemLog -> Log of wood to create fire
ItemYorkieBar -> Chocolate bar
ItemMeat -> Meat can be cooked
ItemWhiteMeat -> Meat can be cooked
ItemBanana -> Banana
ItemApple -> Apple
ItemMeal5 -> Ration Pack ready to eat
ItemWaterBottle -> Mineral Water bottle
ItemTinCanFull -> Tin with cooked food ready to eat
ItemTinCanEmpty -> Empty can used to store cooked food
ItemIvBag -> Intravenous solution for anyone who is suffering of dehydration

Vehicles class:
WaterBottleBox -> Box with 24 bottles of mineral water

Public vars
ASP_Food_Delay = 2880; //minutes
publicVariable "ASP_Food_Delay";

ASP_Water_Delay = 1440; //minutes
publicVariable "ASP_Water_Delay";

ASP_Animal_Delay = 30; // seconds
publicVariable "ASP_Animal_Delay";

ASP_Garbage_Delay = 60; //seconds
publicVariable "ASP_Garbage_Delay";

ASP_Debug = true; // On|Off Debug mode
publicVariable "ASP_Debug ";

ASP_Enabled = false; // Disable|Enable Survive pack
publicVariable = "ASP_Enabled";

How to use
is simple!
Right windows key = Interaction menu
Left windows key = interaction self menu


By downloading this content you agree to the following End User License Agreement:

This content is provided for entertainment purposes. You may not use this addon for commercial, military or teaching/training purposes.

You may distribute the .pbo files within this download freely, so long as the .pbo files are unmodified, and the Readme File, including this EULA, is attached.

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