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#137916 Posted at 2013-03-03 22:23        
# starsky396 : This would go good with theDog's ARP mod.

yeah actually now that you say it. tong, you should add something that would simulate fatigue. a well rested soldier fights better than a tired one. add a "rest/sleep" function to where the player goes into the sleep animation (actually in arma). he should be able to abort at anytime and once complete be fully rested. if he is tired he has a decrease in stamina, nothing more. he can also gain energy for short periods of time if he is on the go from caffeine pills, energy drinks (rip it) and energy shots. make it so it takes a few hours for the soldier to be fatigued. maybe even have it charge back up a bit if the player stops moving.

would be cool to have something that takes environment into account. i.e. a wet soldier feels discomfort (shaking aim), wet gear weighs more (less stamina), wet soldier might get sick. i know this is a lot but if you are going all out realism i think it should be accounted for. imagine you are out there in the dirt, it starts raining and you get soaked. your uncomfortable and cold. next thing you know, you caught a cold (occasional caughing), you are shaking and your stamina is fucked. check in with the medic and he gives you some cold medicine and you are good. maybe you brought a change of clothes and you get out of your wet clothes to prevent illness. or imagine you have rain gear, a poncho or rain jacket/pants. would be cool imo. it would cause for more detailed gear selection.

scenario, 4 man team has to patrol an area (MSO) for 2 days, the team leader gives his team a packing list. what to bring? check the forecast, its gonna rain, bring rain gear and medicine, bring a change of socks, underwear and t shirts. bring ammo and recon equipment. 2 day patrol? we will need 3 rations a day, so bring 6 rations per soldier unless we buddy share. how much water will we need? 2 canteens a day? bring 2 canteens and/or a camelback, dont forget water purification tabs in case we run low, so we can get water from the lake and clean it. bring ponchos and bungie cords so we can construct improvised tents for our observation point ( imagine how much more immersive things would be if all this was a factor.

right now we run around with 30-50kg of gear and done even take into account what soldiers really carry on patrol besides combat equipment. i know some will say "thats too much, its just a game bro" but honestly, some of the realism communities would probably appreciate it.