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After few months of hard work in the OFrP cellar, we're off, all the team, to a destination that is warmer which is Stratis, a Greek island. Finished the cold winter and welcome the white sandy beaches !
Obviously, the departure is not done without our heavy luggage full of novelties.

Finally arrived on the island after a few hours of flight, we reach our hotel, and put on our sexiest outfits to go dip.
Below is a picture of one of us in his tight swimsuit.

We continue to swim for an hour under a beautiful sun, and then decided to go do some shopping.
We make a few purchases shown below.

Determined to use our new uniforms, we leave for 3 hours hike under a blazing sun with some sunscreens. (See below).

Obviously, the lazy of the band manifested him by a lighter outfit (not so stupid after all ;-) ).

We returned at nightfall, exhausted.
After a meal eaten slowly, we all went to bed.

And this is where I say good night and see you soon for new adventures !

It was TigerForce for OFrP News.

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