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I'm not exactly new to this game, but I'm no pro. I've played a few hours of DayZ and a few hours of Wasteland, and honestly I'm left craving more. Wasteland is a lot of fun, but I feel like finding weapons is still a chore and I really just want combat on a slightly "grander" scale. So, I looked up some stuff. Found ACE2 (downloading it right now via SixUpdater) and Domination! (which I'm still not certain how to play - is it just a mission file like Wasteland or is there more to it?). But I wondered, is it worth getting into a gaming group? I've been reading (in pieces, it's huge) the ShackTac guide to ArmA 2 by Dyslexic, but I feel like getting into a group like that might be difficult for a newbie. Is Domination! more my speed? Are there groups of people that are a little more laid-back and just do co-op missions?

Mainly, I want to know this - is it looked upon as bad practice to join a random MP server of ArmA 2 that ISN'T running a much-played mod? Are these servers generally hosting put-together missions? It feels like everything is all over the place, and I don't want to step on any toes by joining a server that's trying to be HC while I stumble about trying to figure out how to choose my weapons (if I can) and where to go (if there's objectives). Any info or direction TO info about getting my foot in the door with this game, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Soupy

If anyone wants to "take me in" to their group of friends, I'd be happy to join in with some people playing whatever (Wasteland, DayZ, Domination, or just regular co-op/adversarial stuff). Learning by doing seems to be the most fun way in gaming.

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