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Seems like you are right.

Helmet Cam Features:
As you'd expect, helmet cams are not meant to be handled much by the user. After you strap it onto your head, you can't be expected to fiddle with things like a zoom lens or other camcorder settings. So helmet cams have a very bare bones set of controls - usually an on/off switch and a large "record" button which can be pressed down even if you're wearing gloves. That's about it.

On the other hand, there are enough helmet camcorder videos on youtube with high definition resolution,
so a bigger or fullscreen window seems viable (plus the future setting). I have read, some people were
anxious to enable thermal viewing with this cams, maybe that would be a interesting feature for a future
helm cam setup. Watching your own video feed on a fullscreen window with thermal. :D

About vehicles, there seem to be two different bugs.
-If you try to observer players in a vehicle, it only updates the camera position every few seconds.
-If you are in a vehicle yourself, it seems like you can only watch your owns vehicle gunners live feed.
Yesterday we drove on a two hunter patrol and i could only see my gunners 0.50cal barrel on all eight
squadmember channels.