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#140881 Posted at 2013-03-25 04:58        
i ussualy wait to see what other people have to say about some problem but right now,i am in progress of making very important mission to me and only waiting to implement this great logistic mod.but problem is when i switch to another player in my group,or unit in another group,then i loose side bar food/water (green icons).Also,i saw on screenshots that bar in upper right corner with textualy values for hungry,water and speed. i dont have it! i am playing without ACE.please any word will help me a lot..thank you

Added 11 hours 11 minutes later:

ASP_Food_Delay = 2880; //minutes
this setVariable "ASP_Food_Delay";

ASP_Water_Delay = 1440; //minutes
this setVariable "ASP_Water_Delay";

ASP_Animal_Delay = 30; // seconds
this setVariable "ASP_Animal_Delay";

ASP_Garbage_Delay = 60; //seconds
this setVariable "ASP_Garbage_Delay";

ASP_Debug = true; // On|Off Debug mode
this setVariable "ASP_Debug ";

ASP_Enabled = false; // Disable|Enable Survive pack
this setVariable "ASP_Enabled";
you need put it in init.sqf .
how to call this command from game ? is that load automatticly on mission start in editor or i need to put some code to player init field ? i tried all,reading rules for scripting,rpt reports but usseless..please help me..thank you

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