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#143158 Posted at 2013-04-21 18:54        
I have the solution for your problem, first create a text file and remove (new document texto.txt) and write init.sqf in place then copy this text:

ASP_Food_Delay = 1; / / minutes
publicVariable "ASP_Food_Delay";

ASP_Water_Delay = 1; / / minutes
publicVariable "ASP_Water_Delay";

ASP_Animal_Delay = 30; / / seconds
publicVariable "ASP_Animal_Delay";

ASP_Garbage_Delay = 60; / / seconds
publicVariable "ASP_Garbage_Delay";

ASP_Debug = true; / / On | Off Debug mode
publicVariable "ASP_Debug";

ASP_Enabled = Enable; / / Disable | Enable Survive pack
publicVariable = "ASP_Enabled";

  and paste in the init.sqf file, press save the init.sqf file and pass the file already created init.sqf to your mission folder, in which you work or play and if you want to create a new mission, to do the same process and ready. . For percentages of work, just had to turn it on, what I've done is change ASP_Enable = Disable write to Enable. For the character you are controlling more tired, close your eyes by fatigue and tiredness falls, install the addons: ACE, CBA, CBA_A2, community-based supplements CBA_CO, CBA_OA, Clay_dogs, EODmydog dog.

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