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#143162 Posted at 2013-04-21 20:00        
# COMANDOvrs : install the addons: ACE, CBA ., CBA_A2, community based CBA_CO supplements, CBA_OA, Clay_dogs, dog EODmydog
  fall to the ground, you need to install the addons: ACE, CBA, CBA2, community-based supplements CBA_CO, CBA_OA, Clay_dogs, EODmydog dog.

i have all of this addons installed and launched in game.Everything work good,falling,closing eyes,dehydration,etc...I just dont have that percentage bar in up-right corner..if you can explain me again step by step,what should i do in init.sqf. from this part "For percentages work, only had to turn, what I've done is change ASP_Enable = Off On" .What exactly to do ?

maybe we are fighting on different sides but for the same thing.justice