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#143244 Posted at 2013-04-23 06:24        
I have a question regarding the server.cfg
What does the following commands really do in terms of server performance?

language="English"; (Ok I get this one)
adapter=-1; (I run without this fine, What bennifit is there form having it?)
MinBandwidth=800000; (Min ammount I can expect from my server I got this set to 20mbps)
MaxBandwidth=25000000; (Max ammount I got this set to 100mbps The max my server is rated for)
MaxMsgSend=384; (I know this links to the max ammount of messages the game can send in any refresh cycle, but what does increasing/de-creasing this have on server performance?)
MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; (I have seen threads that claim its best to increase to 1024, or to only drop to 124)
MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; (This I have been told can be set to nothing less than 64 or it counts the packet as fragmented and causes problems with the server. And that a lower number on this one would be better but how low? There are other threads that say this is connected to the MaxSizeGuaranteed and should be set at aprox 50% of its value)
MinErrorToSend=0.003; (The lower the number the smoother things look through scopes or binoculars, But how low should this be set before it causes lag)
MaxCustomFileSize=100000; (This preset to 160kb and is obsolite and could be removed. ARAM 3 is hard coded to not allow any custom files larger than 50kb. I know because I have 8/9 of my .ogg files working, the only one that does not is exactly 51kb in size. The rest are 49kb and under)
serverLatitudeAuto=52; (these are just for the server location so i dont need to change them)

I have read up on many forums about these settings, not one has given a proper description of what each of these does, how it relates to the other functions and what effect they have on a running server. I have seen many people ask this exact question, and either no-body knows, or they are keeping it a guarded secret.

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