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#144626 Posted at 2013-05-26 12:42        
This is Arma 2 modification

It is either an Arma 2 addon, an Arma 2: OA addon or a CO addon. If it is an Arma 2 addon it belongs in the Arma 2 section.
Please be specific so the pages and the topic are placed in the correct section.

Meaning, if it only requires A2 it belongs in the A2 section. If it only requires OA it belongs in the OA section. If it requires both A2 and OA it belongs in the OA section (and will get A2 as requirement).

Please let me know.

[addon 2]
I notice this comes with units/vehicles/terrain, as such it actually belongs in the modules section since it is not just a terrain/island.

I can see you are online but for some reason do not want to answer my questions. At the end of the day I will release the pages in the section which I think they blong in.
I already moved the thread back to the Arma 2 section.

Apologies, I did not mean to make my post sound so hostile. I answered you in your PM to explain my above questions and why them might have come across so hard. I did not mean it like that.

Anyway, thanks for posting the release here, news is up on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here:

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