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#144863 Posted at 2013-05-31 21:24        
It's probably a mod I'm using, but in Arty qualification course, my Vector rangerfinder doesn't have any batteries. With it...Any ideas?

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Had the same problem. Just use the adjustment rounds and keep hitting adjustment and using the little corrector arrows in the bottom right until you get the smoke on target. Put in your own coordinates and use the compass (Hold K) to get your bearing. The closest tank is at 500m, the next was like 545, bearing 130 and 131 respectively. With a lot of adjustment rounds and a little guess work I got both of those. For the two on the island, the bearing of the first one was...134 I believe got me pretty much on target, and distance 880m. And the last one was bearing 136, distance similar maybe 890m. Remember, keep using adjustments rounds, and don't forget to select a cannon and hit confirm under the time delay thing every time or it will reset your adjustments. It worked for me, I just passed the Arty Qualification.

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