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#149862 Posted at 2013-08-16 18:20        

by massi


BETA 0.3

Hi all,

I'm releasing an updated version of my NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz WEAPONS pack.

In this update I've reworked most part of the textures, they’re not best quality (still need help for that), but should fit better the weapons ;)

I've also added M24 sniper rifle, as requested, and fixed most of the errors reported by many users (thanks to all of you for reporting and contributing!), as listed in the changelog.

This should be last beta version, until urgent fix required, then addon will move in final stage and I’ll include also additional configs (like Alwarren accessories compatibility) after final game release.

Thanks again for reporting and collaborating in improving this pack!.

I'll update my unit's packs too in these days :) !

This is an Beta version, hope you’ll enjoy it ;) !

Arma3 Beta

v Beta.03 date 16/AGO/2013
- reworked most of the textures to fit better on weapons

- fixed M249 camo box textures

- added M24 sniper rifle in black, desert, woodland versions

- added thermal optic (placeholder SOS model)

- added dedicated HK417 and SR25 suppressor models

- added dedicated Ak's series suppressor models

- updated ammo\mag config

- Fixed: M107 mags have now 10 rnds

- Fixed: Aks rifle's and rpk bolts don't stick out of the guns when empty

- Fixed: HK417 changed mag due to missing textures in old one

- Fixed MP5 suppressors firing only single and not auto\burst

- Fixed: error in last beta update

No problems found so far.

Further Improvements.

- Add Alwarren's optics and gear optional config in final version.

- Trying to improve my skills in O2 to get better results (Need Help).

- Texture improvements and organization (Need Help).

Any help on this project will be really appreciated, since it is the first time I’m trying to use O2.

For the Weapons:

Vilas: the weapons are mostly Vilas MLODS modified and ported to A3 with his permission, credits for most part of weapons models go to him thanks a lot because I wouldn't have been able to create realistic weapons for the units without your great models!

BI: for releasing the A1 sample models , from which I have taken the rest of the weapons models ported to A3, thanks for the same reason above!

Alwarren: thanks a lot for making me able to port Vilas and A1 weapons to A3 , your constant help was essential to have the weapons working ingame!

Zach Gibsons: thanks a lot for making Arma 3 weapons Tutorial, without your great tutorial I wouldn't have been able to port the weapons ingame.

ToadBall: thanks a lot for making Arma 3 ready M16, that was foundamental to get the weapons ingame!

Thanks a lot to BI for their great Arma 3 !

Thanks to all Arma community for great support !

Download Links:

Hope you'll enjoy these weapons !

Best Regards

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