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#149916 Posted at 2013-08-17 13:18        
# Coding : There are a lot of RW stuff. Is it that bad a game uses prototypes?
comanche, littlebird, ghosthawk (a variant of a blackhawk), m320 (cheytac m200), gm6 lynx, strider is used by greek forces, ifrit exists, p07 (whalter p99),...
fictional island? Try using google maps... Maybe you realize the maps are pretty realistic and not fictional (only a bit edited like chernarus was)

I never said A3 does not look good or not realistic, I would actually wait a few months before purchase. I like A2 due to it is set in the current time. So going ahead with A2 and may in December will go with A3 as till then lot many addons and updates would have come.

I see that you are a penguin guy.