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#150124 Posted at 2013-08-20 08:35        
I'll never say that I can decide for others if there is something to like or not.

I just say that there is many things and proofs which advance that's not a real and usefull method in the field.
And even if the way of handling the rifle can be shocking (we must admit that we have the impression to see a guy who has never handling a weapon of his life ^^), we must try at least one time to have a real feeling and feedback before judging (and yes, I'll already try, and no, it's not usefull at all for me).

And in this way, to satisfied all, those who don't like, and those who like, to add an alternative file to enabled or disabled this method.


Sorry if my posts can let you think that I want impose my way of think, that's not the idea and I'll never want to do this like my words says it previously :

# HellGhost : But after all, if someone do this mod with this method, he probably add an alternative pbo to activate or not this way of handle the rifle.