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#151234 Posted at 2013-09-07 08:55        
Just a heads up, update released. We wanted to get this one pushed out quickly so that people wouldn't mis interpret the "Out of fuel bug"

v1.1 -
- Engine startup now has sounds and UFD/WCA page feedback for state of components.
- APU and engines will burn fuel in complex startups.
- IHADSS must be turned on (IHADSS toggle action) after battery turned on.
- Added IHADSS toggle capability to click action on IHADSS storage box.
- UFD, MPDs, and IHADSS in off state until battery, APU, or engines are on.
- Added rotor RPM audio message when exceeding 110% and an altitude above 5m while ENG page active.
- Modified UFD messages to be uniform in color and size; removed some messages.
- Replaced main rotor sounds with Robert Hammer samples.
- Improved shadow LOD.
- M230 burst behavior changed - waiting 1 second or more in the middle of a burst resets burst limit.
- Fixed FCR page components errors with TSD.
- Fixed gunner unable to turn on FCR in single player.
- Fixed Pilot-CPG damage effects - now passed between crew members.
- Fixed click helper not appearing after resuming from a saved game.
- Fixed CPG TSD map not hiding.

Known issues -
- Player will report 'out of fuel' radio message with CEM on. Reason: to keep
player from being able to take off without going through startup procedure,
fuel is set to 0 until startup procedure has been followed. Cannot disable the
default radio 'out of fuel' message.
- IHADSS toggle sometimes takes several activations/presses to initialize.
- Betty audio messages will play when dead or out of aircraft.
- Audio issues with engine loop sound.

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