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Chechnya, 2000... Russian army slowly takes control over the country, but there's no end in sight.
You and your spetsnaz GRU team (codename Vympel) are in the center of this raging conflict.

Mission is similar in construction to "Manhattan" mission from Harvest Red, but it is made more in an enjoyable,
climate style. It really shows the realms of caucasian wars. Also details, like the callsigs, radio discipline, dialogs
show the climate of russian army operations.

There are some screenshots from the early gameplay:

This mission uses "Padagorsk" island (I know there's a sea, however... it's really a nice place when you ignore that).There are also many russian army addons like the MORPEH and MI28 addon, but for now i can't exactly say
what addons will be present when i finish everything.

Anyone who wants to help with scripts, design, translations or dubbing can write a message to me.

The mission will probably be finished in the first days of 2014 ;)