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UPDATE: 3.1.1

Editing Note: DO NOT change the change log block in the briefing.sqf, there is a custom block for your community / own edits.
Server-Side: A lot of people can't host a server because they can't have a database schema called arma3life so now you can easily adjust the database schema name in the life_server\init.sqf file at the top.
Database Change: look at the .sql file & run the query for creating the procedure (deleteDeadVehicles) for self-vehicle cleanup.
Chop Shop: The chop shop prices are the sell back prices for the garage so when changing the sell prices remember these are tied to the selling in the garage.

Change Log:
Added: Chop shop system so you can sell vehicles to it (owned or stolen).
Added: Progress bars to various actions (Repair, healing, Impounding).
Added: Players can no longer remove illegal items when cops are within 100m (prevents disposing of evidence).
Added: SQL side cleanup of 'dead' vehicles on each mission-start. This is to clear up a mass amount of vehicles in the DB.
Changed: You can no longer remove items when inside a vehicle.
Changed: Spawn Selection Menu changed to a list box, easier to add spawn points and supports purdy icons.
Changed: life_donator,life_copLevel,life_adminlevel moved to a constant variable (compileFinal) to stop exploits.
Changed: Other various variables moved to a constant variable (compileFinal).
Changed: Optimized function life_fnc_nearUnits
Changed: Moved a lot of functions from server to client (reducing initial bandwidth).
Changed: Moved a lot of variables / arrays from server to client (reducing initial bandwidth).
Changed: Updated clothing stores with various new backpacks and glasses.
Changed: Cop siren lights expanded to hunter & suv.
Fixed: Sometimes killing yourself would revoke your drivers license or firearms license.
Fixed: Sometimes upon death and doing an action would send you to negative cash.
Fixed: Exploitation of the impound vehicle action.
Fixed: Expoitation of the search vehicle action.
Fixed: Exploitation of the search player action.
Fixed: Cop vehicles pulled from the garage couldn't use siren lights.
Fixed: DMV guy realized that he was half-way in a wall.
Fixed: Oil trader has been told that he is not Chris Angel and is no longer floating.
Removed: Various old functions carried over since Stratis life on A3 Alpha/Beta (Pre-system rewrite).
Removed: Being killed by police no longer revokes your rebel license and whatever licenses with it (still there just uncomment it if you liked it).
Removed: Gcam button removed as it was never implemented.

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