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#1599 Posted at 2007-01-04 15:57        
Atm I am working on a new artillery script which let the AI use artillery.

The mission makers places some, it doesnt matter how many, artillery units on the map. Triggering the AI to use the artillery can be done in anyway, just as the mission maker wants. But for my test here I just use a trigger with west detected.

Things who can be changed easily by the mission maker are:

- Max distance the artillery will fire at. So adding a mx of 5000 will mean the artillery will only fire at a target within 5000 meters of its position. It has a default value so if the mission maker doesnt set any value it will use default one.

- Minimum distance the artillery can fire at. Actually the same as above only now minimum distance, any closer than that and the artillery can not fire on target.

- Number of rounds. The mission maker can call the script telling the artillery to fire 1 round, or 5 or 10 etc etc in one artillery call.

- The AI might call in artillery (offcourse the chance they will do can be adjusted by the mission maker) when they think its a good time to do so. I am still testing out what exact values I have to use here.

- The artillery will not shoot if friendly troops are to close, again this value can be adjusted by the mission maker.

- The artillery might adjust fire if the target is moving, again the mission maker can set it like that if he wants.

- The dispersion of the artillery hits can be set as well to increase or decrease chances of survival for the target.

- The artillery script automatically adjusts time of impact at target by the distance the target is away from the artillery unit.

- Artillery can run out of ammo, yes or no. The mission maker decides.

- The targetted units will actually hear the artillery shell come in.....adds to the feeling of being scared :)

Things I want to add to it in an update:

- The possibility to prevent AI calling artillery when the target is in an urban area.

- Smoke artillery to cover enemy withdrawal.

I hope I didnt forget to mention anything.
If anyone has some ideas of what he thinks should be added to the script as well just post your ideas here. I would like to hear what ideas other people have.

Dont make it to hard for me, I can find my way with making scripts but definatly arent a programmer or such so I can only make scripts by reading page after page after page about scripts :)

Anyway, looking forward to some of your ideas.

BTW this script is part of this new mission I am making and so it will be tested soon. When tested succesfully I will post a public beta here.

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