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#160708 Posted at 2014-03-08 19:24        

FFAA 6.0.1 Lite Looking out the window!

Yes, we know it has been a long time without any update... but we had a good reason for it. We have been working very hard on the last details for the first pack we will be releasing, and it's almost ready!

It's been tested now by the Spanish Community in the Spanish Simulation Championship, and the feedback is helping us to fix some bugs. In the other hand, work has been done on the Launcher, which is allmost ready after a lot of problems..

So, what does this mean? FFAA Lite is allmost here. We are fixing the last bugs and waiting for the approval of all the team, so they are happy with their work, to release the Lite version.

This version includes:
  • Weapons Pack
  • Infantry: BRILAT, FAMET & MOE
  • CH47 Chinook + Custom Rapel Script
  • RG-31 MK5 Nyala
Note: Maybe more vehicles could be included before the public release

Here you can see a preview of the two vehicles. (Click on them for better image quality)

Keep tuned! We are allmost there!! :D

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