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#161421 Posted at 2014-03-20 19:13        
Hi all!

First of, I'm a long time, user first time writer, just FYI.

I'm looking for some help with 'unlocking' a respawn point in Arma3.

What I'm trying to do to give you an idea, is for example.
I've created a standard respawn point (respawn= "base";//respawndelay = 5;) which works fine and respawns to point respawn_west, I've created an alternative respawn point using respawn_west_1, which works fine as a RANDOM respawn point, but what i want to do is LOCK this respawn point so it will only activate once the area is secure and the enemy are gone, hope that makes sense.
I've tried using a trigger set to Activation BLUFOR Once Present, however i CAN'T sync or group it with the Edit Marker for the respawn point..

Any ideas? Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I've done my best to explain it.

Let me know thanks :)


Blacknight... 8-)