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Ive been working on a bolt-action rifle addon for Arma 3 for the past few weeks and have finished most of the requirements for it to work. Now what I have left to do is touch up on the model and textures, and perhaps fine tune some stuff in the config file.
However, I would also like to add a bolt-action animation to it, one similar to those featured in some of the Arma 2 mods like Hell in the Pacfic and Invasion 1944. In those mods youll notice that most if not all of the bolt action rifles have a bolt that moves back after a shot is fired, and I would like to add the same animation to my rifle. So if anyone has any information or a guide on how to do that, or perhaps some files of a rifle with this animation which they could share, it would be really helpful

Thanks and please let me know if you know anything about how to add an animation like the one ive explained