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#162855 Posted at 2014-04-17 23:11        
Thanks again SavageCDN.
I tried adding respawn menu as you instructed and I think I got closer to what I wanted but it is unplayable :P

When the mission starts the screen shows respawn menu with a message 'wait for zeus to set up respawn point', which is same message as BI's zeus missions at the start.
But since player/zeus originally spawns as a player at the start of mission, there is no zeus to set up spawn point and player/zeus can't even spawn so it can switch to zeus. There is a way to start as zeus in one of the options for zeus module but this will make it so zeus can't switch to player and will strictly be zeus.

I tested your respawn menu on a new mission without zeus and it worked fine so I don't think I made any mistakes on description.ext or init.sqm.

I interesting thing I noticed when I added zeus to 'Enemy Assault' mission, The player/zeus can edit himself (e.g add bots to his squad, increase or decrease health) but once the player/zeus dies and respawns by missions's native respawn system it can't edit himself anymore. It can still spawn all other stuffs and edit those.

I think with my low editing skill, it would be faster to just get a mission made by someone else that has spawning system and add zeus to that :(