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#163016 Posted at 2014-04-21 01:45        
okay, i've found out how oxygen 2 works now, sort of.

so I'm going to go ahead and greenlight this, I know Icewindo already did a couple of female mods, but this is my own take.

as it stands, there is one partially working head, there are no animations to it, as the facial structure will mess up if the bones are added, but the head moves, and with the player model, I'll probably make the eyes move at least, right now they are collapsed to the rest of the head for testing purposes.

there will 4 heads available (asian, black, hispanic, and white) and there will also be two variants of each female head, one designed for situations where the player will not be wearing a helmet, and another which is headgear friendly, very much like the Arma 2 female mod.

as it stands, the faces work okay with glasses, and work very well with SP pack/US pack gear, the model needs finalizing, with some more skin added to the lower neck, so it doesn't look like a floating head. but under the neck shemaghs in the hidden identity pack, you can barely tell.

(helmet: US pack, female body: Ice's Female mod, DSR-1: sniper pack, neck shemagh: hidden identity pack)
all original models were created in Autodesk character generator and modified later in 3dsm 2012 (ed version)

once its finished up, I'll supply unbinarized .p3d files for people to tweak if they want to.

hope you like it, I'll release a testing .pbo when I'm happy that the model works as expected on my PC.

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