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Hello friends!!!!

Here comes Dagger Weapons for ACE!!!

With the donations you will help me to purchase some nice paid 3D models :-)... and share them with the community! *DRINK*

Now you have those .300 win mag babies!!!! And you can snipe at night too!!! ... and you can also use your sniper rifle in CQB!!!

Sniper, M24, M24A2, M40A5, Mk13, MSR, M200.

Download link

Server key included.

M24, M24A2, M40A5 and Mk13 in day, night and thermal scopes, including suppressor versions, CQB sights and naked eye visible lasers. Sniper players were missing those things, but now they can enjoy!

The M24 is in A-Tacs woodland camo, the M40A5 is in Kryptek desert camo, the Mk13 is in Kryptec woodland camo and the M24A2 is in home made sponge painted rock camo.

Naked eye visible green laser:

CQB red dot sight:

Lens glare:

Electronic scopes glow at day and night:

Sun light reflex on your rifle:

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

1) forget about Six
2) Go to you game folder and create a folder named @Dagger, and create a folder called Addons inside of it. And you should have something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\@Dagger\Addons
3) Download this:, extract all pbo´s and bisign´s and place them inside the Addons folder described in step 2.
4) Download this:, extract all pbo´s and bisign´s and place them inside the Addons folder described in step 2.
5) Download this:, extract all pbo´s and bisign´s and place them inside the Addons folder described in step 2.
6) Install LEA ( and learn how to use it.
7) Open LEA -> Help -> Install new addons -> Import -> browse to your @Dagger folder and select the file dgr-ballistics_1_14.lea.addon -> Open ->OK
8) Then go to Help -> Manage addons -> Check DGR Ballistics -> Close
9) Then go to Profiles -> Edit -> New -> Give it a name -> Then select it -> Faction filter and select DGR Ballistics -> Then choose you desired soldier layout and click Apply to @LEA -> Check if userconfig path is right. It might be something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\userconfig
If you don´t have a folder called userconfig there, then create it manually -> Apply -> OK -> Save to disk.
10) Install Arma Launcher ( and learn how to use it. Add the @Dagger folder from step 2 and your ACE folders to it (and any other mod folder you want, no matter if they were downloaded by Six or not) and start the game -> enter any mission -> scroll your mouse wheel and you will see a red text called "apply layout" or something like that -> click and you will be instantly equipped with all your gear set in LEA, including my rifles if you have chosen them in LEA.

If you want more detailed info on how to use LEA read your Dagger Ballistics manual, that comes with the download.

Dagger Ballistics is the "mod of a mod". Besides it works with default BI´s weapons it brings a lot of other magazines and ammo types made specially for all the mods listed below. So give them a try because they were considered worth to receive the goodies brought by this mod.
You don´t need to have all the mods that are compatible with my mod. So don´t get yourself bored by those “Addon X requires addon Y” messages on game start. If you don´t like those messages then delete the Dagger pbo´s made for the mods you are not using.

Class Names

Known Bugs, Issues and Fixes
The hand animations are not correct, and not all weapons have the bolt animation. I don´t know how to mess with animations, so, if you know and are willing to help, please, PM me.

Credits & Thanks
Thank you very much Bohemia Interactive, for the open sample models. Whithout them these weapons would never exist.
WG6, for the first unbinarized version of the M24A2.
WinteR5, for his Leupold scope.
da12thMonkey, for his Leupold scope.
Alwarren, for his Leupold scope.
azlyirnizam, for the MSR.
Multplaneta, for the first steps with the sample models.
ACE Team, for the leading work.
LEA team, for the handy tool.
TeamSpeak team, for putting everybody together.
Guys from the TF119, 173rd Airborne, 3rd Infantry, 11th MEU, 4th , 10th Mountain Division, for allowing us to play on their servers. Please, stop kicking us for using LEA!!!!!
Kegetys, for his useful tools.
Mikero, for his wonderful EliteNess. This work would not be possible without EliteNess.
AR15 and Sniperhide forums, for the open minded discussions and mutual help.

Current Version
-First release
-Added mlods to all models.
-Added the MSR and the M200 rifles.
-Changed some camo´s.

-LEA addon v1.17 to be imported into LEA
-dgr_replacements.pbo is my personal replacement file, replacing everything from soldiers to ammo to weapons my style ("TF86_USSF_Units", "TF86_UKSF_Units", "STKR_Diemaco", "BB_OA_Mercs", "RH_m14", "RH_hk416_cfg", "RH_m4_cfg", "RHmgswp", "RH_mk18", "SAL_SOTG_M4_cfg", "wr5_c_weapon", "UKF_SniperWeps", "ukf_ukweps", "BB_OA_Mercs").

ACE Extras
Dagger Scopes
Dagger Ballistics

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Dagger Scopes for A3:
Dagger Scopes:
Dagger Ballistics:
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