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#163230 Posted at 2014-04-24 07:53        
# -=XTRA=-Larsiano : -The extra pictures have disappeared

As I explained some time ago images of 6+ mb make no sense online and I cant even upload them (and wont) to our automated image system. So, if you give a huge bunch of images and all of those were of massive size what you force me to do is rework each and every image to get its size down to less than 1mb (I always try to link our thumbs to images of less than 1mb). Since I do not want to rework all those images you included with it cause I am limitted on time I made a small selection and added 8 images which I made smaller. ;-)

-version is still on 0.74 beta
-Arma2:CO & OA_beta are not in the Requirements list
Its listed in the OA section and A2 is required which makes it a CO release. This is how we have always handled CO releases on Armaholic since the start.
I wasnt aware the beta was required at all, I have added the requirement now.

-both links don’t work at the moment
Fixed, had brainfart while updating the link.

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