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#163239 Posted at 2014-04-24 12:37        
# -=XTRA=-Larsiano : A big thanks for fixing this. I was aware of the file size limitation and will provide thumbs next time. But what I meant was the extra pictures linked on the page before to the older DAFmod content, they are gone now.

You do not need i face the same problem with many people and missions. They create a mission many times under 1mb and them add a bmp image of 6MB or pngs around 2MB.

I always launch GIMP and make them jpg and lower the quality to acceptable size (you can see what's the final size). I have a batch plugin for sets of image too :-)

You can see here that you can hardly notice the differences. Your image is almost 1MB while mine is 100kb (I just made a jpg and lowered quality to 60%)