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Great job keep it up

I have had problems with hands in the past , my conclusion was there was something like IK curves configged as a default or hardcoded , I hope you can find or fix this , I talk about when hands are scaled down or up in the model here of course .
I found a temporary dirty fix which was to put a custom gesture with a loop on it which is poor but typical of what we must do with poor info from bis I also had to make new gun holding anims .I tried skeletonpivots change and new cfgmoves cfg but alas it all became too far for my commitment , especialky when latest tool upgrade broke all my previous work pipeline .
For the head if you weight , I noticed in the new tools there is a folder fbxtortm , in there are lots of max filesand p3d that will help you I believe ;)'s-record-breaking-attempt-players-on-one-serve&p=619994&viewfull=1#post619994