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#163360 Posted at 2014-04-26 21:38        
right, so it's the IK curves, i wonder if there's a way to import P3d files to 3ds... but so long as i know what's up, that's the main thing i would say "oh yeah, I'll just leave the hands static for the civilians" but that doesn't seem like a viable option either.
it would be nice if there were more reference files and tutorials from BIS to go from, but i suppose it's the old "adapt, improvise and overcome" here.
I tried skeletonpivots change and new cfgmoves cfg but alas it all became too far for my commitment , especialky when latest tool upgrade broke all my previous work pipeline .
man, that sucks dude, I'm sorry.

thanks for the pointer there, there's a good female skeleton file there that i might put to good use, and then there's the head model! woop! thanks a bunch, at least i have a proper reference now, rather than guesswork XD

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