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#163489 Posted at 2014-04-29 13:36        
All right,

New muzzle brake, thanks to Multplaneta and a more realistic clip-on night sight, enter the AN/PVS-29:

Oh, there are not weapon/ammo boxes because you can load them from LEA.

Man, I don´t have much time to play, so I believe it is a complete waste of time to spend half your game session time scavenging on weapon boxes. I constantly see players wasting more time on base than on mission sites =-O

Added 4 minutes later:

Oh, and one more thing, the M24 retextured with one of the new Army camo finalists:

I still save the A-Tacs for future use.

Dagger Scopes for A3:
Dagger Scopes:
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